About Us

"In 2014 I started my journey with a vinyl cutter and a few shirts at the insistence of my friend Tamara. Fast forward to now and we have developed our love of hand-made home decor into a thriving business that we are excited to share with you!"

{Sarah Simagna}

My journey began in January of 2014 when my friend, Tamara, forced me to get a vinyl cutter. Ok, she didn't force me. She called me and told me I HAD to buy one, and that you can make anything with this magic machine. Well, I got sucked in…and she was right. I started off vinyling shirts with heat transfer vinyl. I bought a commercial heat press began vinyling and selling shirts. Mostly work out tanks, custom birthday shirts, shirts with business logos, custom sports tees, family reunions, etc. I also started making crafts by applying adhesive vinyl to wood projects etc.


I wasn't loving the boldness or sticker-like look of the vinyl on the wood so I began reversing the vinyl to create a stencil. My first sign was a reversible Halloween/Christmas countdown sign. My friends and I loved it so much I got a group together at my church and we all made it. I suppose that was my first "party"!


While we were making the reversible signs we all talked about ideas for our next "party" and we could use pallets or reclaimed wood. I began researching types of vinyl for stenciling, paints use and various techniques. I also began collect all types of wood!


During that same time, I reserved a booth at our local High School craft fair to sell a few signs I had made and also promote our local PTA. In a week's time I made enough signs to fill the booth. I sold out of inventory the first day and had to run home and make 40 sign that night! It was a total blast! And the sign addiction began...