Thank you for hosting a mim e. designs workshop fundraiser!

Please read below to help us make your event 

as successful as possible!

Workshops typically last between 2-2.5 hours. Sometimes a little longer with larger groups

Private Workshops held at the Windham Workshop or within 30 minutes from the Windham Workshop MUST have a minimum of 6 TOTAL guests. 30-45 minutes distance MUST have 8 guests. Over 45 minutes MUST have 12. Please contact us if you are over an hour away.

How the Fundraiser works: Typically groups charge a ticket or registration fee ($5 or $10 is the usual cost) and then guests pay full price for their sign at the workshop and the registration fee goes back to the organization.  

Fundraisers are just like a regular workshop where each guest can pick any sign they choose or customize one also!